HunterGatherer is a full-service design agency, focused on telling its clients’ stories in unforgettable ways. The studio was founded in 2000 and specializes in narrative messaging through branding design, illustration, animation, and experience design.

Sesame Studios – Milestones

Sesame Workshop commissioned us to create a series of animations dedicated to children’s development. Each short focuses on a specific milestone or skill, and is essentially a music video for preschoolers (and adults that are young at heart). We worked on important topics like brushing your teeth (as a dance video), riding your bike (west coast hip-hop), and how different foods affect your body (synth-pop). Design, animation, and lyrics by HunterGatherer. Music by Skyrmish.

“Party Mouth” (Dance Video)

“Rollin’ Along” (West Coast Hip-hop)

“What You Eat” (Synth-pop)