HunterGatherer is a full-service design agency, focused on telling its clients’ stories in unforgettable ways. The studio was founded in 2000 and specializes in narrative messaging through branding design, illustration, animation, and experience design.

Re:Form School

HunterGatherer created the identity, branding, and event art direction for Re:Form School, a large art show and event series to benefit and raise awareness about education reform. The event was held in a former NYC elementary school in downtown Manhattan over 3 days, and brought together hundreds of artists like Swoon, Shepard Fairey, and Friends with You to bring attention to problems in the public education system and call for solutions.

Organized by Yosi Sargent and Apple Via, who produced Manifest Equality, and sponsored by Bing and CAA among others, Re:Form School was part of the larger REDU education reform initiative. To see the REDU video we did click here.

Artwork featured in show, originally created for REDU short and campaign that the Re:Form School show was in support of.