HunterGatherer is a full-service design agency, focused on telling its clients’ stories in unforgettable ways. The studio was founded in 2000 and specializes in narrative messaging through branding design, illustration, animation, and experience design.

The New York Times Magazine – Behind the Cover

Behind the Cover’ was a weekly video series produced by HunterGatherer for The New York Times Magazine. Through interviews, stop-motion animations and behind-the-scenes looks at the creative process, each episode tells the story of how a single week’s cover was made. The series ran for a total of two years.

Creative direction, design & production: HunterGatherer. Editors: Phil Pinto & Laura Tomaselli. New York Times Magazine Creative Director: Gail Bichler.

Dec. 13, 2020: The Great Performers Issue

July 12, 2020: The Decameron Project

Aug. 9, 2020: Fashion

Oct. 4, 2020: Voter Fraud

Nov. 15, 2020: Democracy by Mail

May 24, 2020: Quarantine Journal

April 12, 2020: Italy Hospitals

March 15, 2020: The Music Issue

Below are selections from season one. Between seasons one and two, we did a ‘visual refresh’ which included design changes, a taller format, longer run-time and the addition of captions.

April 29, 2018: Janelle Monaé

May 6, 2018: The Money Issue

June 10, 2018: The New York Issue

Sept. 16, 2018: Maya Rudolph

Aug. 19, 2018: Under Their Thumb

Feb. 10, 2019: The Women of Big-Wave Surfing

March 10, 2019: The Music Issue

Feb. 3, 2019: Kazakhstan