HunterGatherer is a full-service design agency, focused on telling its clients’ stories in unforgettable ways. The studio was founded in 2000 and specializes in narrative messaging through branding design, illustration, animation, and experience design.

MICRO - Museum of Care

HunterGatherer collaborated with MICRO on the exhibit design and animation for ‘The Museum of Care’, an all ages mini-exhibit which examines the history of caregiving, the stories of caregivers, and the structural and societal factors that affect our health. MICRO is an organization that builds miniature ‘museums’ that can be duplicated and shipped around the world and shared with audiences that may not otherwise have access to exhibits of this sort.

Content curation, creative direction and museum architecture, engineering and fabrication by MICRO / Museum of Care exhibit design, content development, modeling and animation by HunterGatherer / 3D exhibit models & renderings by HunterGatherer / Exhibit photographs by MICRO.