HunterGatherer is a full-service design agency, focused on telling its clients’ stories in unforgettable ways. The studio was founded in 2000 and specializes in narrative messaging through branding design, illustration, animation, and experience design.

Chapter 1

Cans Get You Cooking – Time

HunterGatherer worked with Hunter (no relation) on a series of stop-motion videos about cans—yes, food cans. Not typically the most exciting product, the challenge was to help people rediscover the benefits of cans and understand that canned food can be healthy and better for the environment. Canned foods require no refrigeration or energy to store, can be transported in less of a hurry, reduce food waste, and even capture some nutrients that ‘fresh’ foods lose by the time they get to market.

Chapter 2

The stories were told in chapters, each relating in some way to the idea of ‘time’—prep time, harvest time, family time, etc.

Chapter 3

The videos were built in a way that individual scenes could be featured and re-purposed as standalone posts of their own.

Chapter 4